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Green & Sustainable Choice For Concrete Reinforcement


Offering A Non-rusting Alternative To Steel Rebar That Extends The Life Cycle Of All Concrete Infrastructures.

- Arab Basalt Fiber Company -

The First of its Kind In The Region, And The First Largest In The World In Terms Of Production Capacity.

Arab Basalt Fiber Company

Arab Basalt Fiber Company is a complete integrated production facility for Basalt Fiber Reinforcement Polymer Rebar (BFRP Rebar), located in the Emirate of Fujairah – United Arab Emirates.

A good promising future for the construction industry

Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar (BFRP Rebar) provides a non-rusting reinforcing Rebar, and is a new technology with significant promise for the construction industry. As you will see in the video explaining how this product is made, basalt rocks are melted at temperatures between 1400 and 1600 degrees Celsius. The raw material is then formed into textile fibers. Therefore, fibers go through a pultrusion process and ultimately become strong reinforcement bar that can be used for a variety of concrete reinforcement projects.

ألياف البازلت

Basalt Fiber Rebars BFR are very useful for concrete because they add strength and durability and reduce shrinkage, and they are also non-rusting and do not corrode over time. These benefits enhance the life of concrete and increase the effectiveness of construction.

Basalt Fiber

Basalt Fibers

  • Basalt fiber is an environmentally friendly high-tech product. It is widely used in military and civilian fields.

  • Basalt fibers will not react with any of the componentsof concrete, and have a very high chemical resistance. Compared to other fibers such as S-glass, carbon, or aramids used in concrete, they are also considered to be inexpensive .

Good Value...

The durability of concrete is increased by the use of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar, as it enhances the tensile strength of the concrete. It is also resistant to corrosion.

BFRP Rebars from Basalt Rock

The fiber rebar is made from the basalt rock which is a type of rock formed by volcanic activity, the fiber rebar is harmless and eco-friendly. The fiber rebar is now used in construction projects, and it is available in different lengths and thicknesses. It is also used as an insulator, support, and reinforcement material.

It was in 1984 when the first commercial continuous basalt fiber (CBF) operations were established as a factory located near Kiev, Ukraine. Thereafter the technology was declassified and released to the world after being one of the top kept military secrets.

Basalt Fiber
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BFRP Rebar Benefits

The Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar can be used in many different applications and can be used in areas where there is an extreme amount of exposure to water, including bridges, dams, and canals. The BFRP Rebar is also suitable for use in other environments where there is a high risk of corrosion, such as refineries, chemical plants, power stations, and other industrial facilities.

The Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar is a natural fiber-reinforced concrete material. It is made from basalt, which is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. It is a very strong, durable, and environmentally friendly material. The basalt fibers in the BFRP Rebar are extremely strong and help to add strength to the concrete.

BFRP Production

Our Production

The first of its kind in the region, and the first largest in the world, UAE local manufacturing, producing world-class CBF composites a material with zero harm to the environment, and using the latest generation technology.

We produce BFRP Rebars with a production capacity of 7,500 tons per Year

We also produce basalt fibers with a production capacity of 5,000 tons Per Year

We Produce Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebars With Varying Diameters Ranging from 4mm to 32mm

Our rebar is widely used for structural applications in both private and Public projects. Our rebar is made from premium quality high tensile strength basalt fiber that is heat treated to produce superior quality rebars. Our wide range of basalt fiber rebar is available in various lengths and diameters as per your project requirements.

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High-quality and environmentally-friendly

Evolution in the construction industry: comparison between Steel Rebar and BFRP Rebar

  • Increases the global CO2 emissions
  • Steel is expensive and considerably increases the cost of structure
  • It is not a light weight material
  • Steel has susceptibility to melt in severely high temperatures
  • Water can easily enter and react with steel and leads to cracks
  • Strength of reinforced concrete is decreased due to rusts
  • Requires huge amount of concrete to cover and protect itself
  • High maintenance cost on the long run
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • The material toxic & Eco-friendly
  • Non-corrosive & non-rusting material
  • 2.5 times stronger than steel
  • Weight as 1/4 as steel
  • It can withstand high temperature
  • It can be easily applied to any construction site
  • Reduction in cost of the overall project life-cycle
  • Increases the durability of Strength of concrete
  • Customizable according to the requirements


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