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The Green Industrial Material Of The XXI-Century

Rebar made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer has less than 74%the carbon footprint of steel

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Basalt Fibers are considered the green industrial material of the 21st century.
The United Arab Emirates is the most environment friendly country in the Arab world. More than 25% of the energy of the United Arab Emirates come from clean sources.
It’s no surprise that the United Arab Emirates hosts a number of innovative institutions and organizations that are devoted to discovering and promoting sustainable solutions around the world, including the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Global Green Growth Institute.
Recently, Basalt fiber Rebar has gained attention from policymakers and decision-makers alike in the UAE as an alternative to steel Rebar in reinforcing concrete building structures.
Why? because basalt fibers are considered the green industrial material of the 21st century.
As a non-rusting, environmentally friendly alternative to steel rebar, Basalt fiber is entirely natural and made from volcanic rocks.
Comparing BFRP Rebar production to steel ; it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 5.24 tons of coal equivalent per ton.
It has less than 74% of the carbon footprint of steel and basalt has the lowest environmental impact in a Life-Cycle Assessment compared with other Fiber Reinforced Polymer rebar for concrete reinforcement construction applications.
BFRP Rebar has a drastically reduced impact on the environment (10:1) when compared with fiberglass products.
As a result, basalt fibers are considered the green industrial material of the 21st century.
At Arab Basalt Fiber Company, our composites have zero environmental impact and we use the latest technology to reduce CO2 emissions and negative impact on the environment.

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