Basalt Fiber vs Steel

Composite materials are nowadays successfully replacing steel in construction industry. But among reinforcing fibers, basalt fiber is the product of choice for this application.
According to tests and experience, basalt fibers are very flexible, ductile and have a high mechanical strength. Their greatest advantage lies in their stability over time, which makes them suitable for use in different application.
A lot of customers asked about the best choice for concrete reinforcement, basalt fiber or steel.This article shows the properties of basalt fiber versus steel fiber and explains which is more effective for concrete reinforcement.In general, Basalt Fiber is significantly stronger than steel fiber. Its durability is superior, and its tensile strength is 2.5 times that of steel.


Basalt Fiber contributes to reduction in concrete coverage by 25 – 30%, and its weights 4.5 times less than steel fiber This means you’ll need less manpower to lift and place the material during construction.
Basalt Fiber is 100% non-Corrosive, it is totally resistant to water and alkaline Radiation from ultraviolet light is not harmful to Basalt Fiber.The average lifespan of steel fiber is 35 years, while that of Basalt Fiber is over 100 years.Comparing Basalt Fiber production with steel, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 5.24 tons of coal equivalent per ton.Basalt Fiber has the same coefficient of the thermal expansion as concrete!


As a conclusion, Basalt Fiber is a versatile, strong, and cost-effective reinforcement with a better environmental profile and fewer embodied emissions, as fewer material and energy resources are required during production. used extensively in civil engineering and many other fields.
Basalt Fiber is useful for the concrete because it adds strength, durability, and reduces shrinkage. Basalt Fiber is also a non-rusting alternative to steel rebar and don’t corrode over time. These benefits enhance the life of the concrete and increase the effectiveness of the overall construction in any project.

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