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Basalt Fiber Rebar

Basalt Fiber Rebar

The Fiber Reinforced Polymer rebar industry is about thirty years old. In its early days, the technology featured many different materials and design configurations that made it a challenge for engineers to provide a quality product in the field.
Fiber Rebar industry started molding aramid and carbon fibers with various thermoset resins, then expanded to glass fibers mixed with both vinyl ester and polyester resins.
Three years ago, Erik Kiilunen started exploring the possibility of making Fiber Reinforced Polymer rebar using basalt fibers. It has taken a long time and a lot of patience, but the idea has finally become reality!

Basalt Fiber Rebar
Why should we consider using basalt rebar ?

Basalt rebar is widely used as a building material in non-structural applications and because of its high compressive strength it also makes basalt rebar an ideal choice for various structural purposes.
Thera are many reasons push Contracting Company toward using basalt rebar over other types of rebars, there are some of them:

Strength and flexibility

Basalt fiber rebar has higher strength and flexibility compared to conventional rebar, which can make it more ductile in compression and tension conditions.

Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance

Basalt fiber rebar, especially with high acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance, has a great advantage in the electrical industry, ceramic, and glass manufacturing industry. The appearance of Basalt fiber rebar mechanical properties and formability is like steel rebar. These characteristics make it possible to replace steel rebar in various applications such as soil-cement walls, pipes, and columns etc.

Basalt Fiber Rebar
Electrical insulation and non-magnetic conductivity

Basalt rebar is required in low-conductivity and non-magnetic fields. Basalt rebar is usually used for reinforcing concrete structures such as tunnel linings and earth dam embankments, where the conductivity of concrete, particularly if made with clay instead of cement, necessitates the use of low-conductivity reinforcement.

Basalt fiber rebar application

Basalt rebar is an excellent choice for construction projects that require a high grade of strength and durability. So that Basalt rebar can be used in various applications, including roads, bridges, industrial and commercial floorings, high-rise buildings, railroads, and many others.

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