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Basalt Fiber Properties

Basalt Fiber Properties

Basalt fibers are naturally found in basalt rock, which is formed from cooling lava that has solidified. When these rocks are processed, they can produce fiber from which can be used in different application.The main reason why basalt fibers are used in many fields of industries, that it has a lot of properties that make it superior to other types of fibers such as glass or steel.The following are the most important properties of basalt fibers :

Mechanical Properties

Basalt fiber has superior mechanical properties. Basalt fiber has compressive and tensile strength properties of much higher than other fiber.Basalt fiber is a sustainable, rust-proof alternative to steel reinforcement. It is only 25% of the weight of steel and has a Specific Tensile Strength that is 2.5 times greater! Also, basalt fiber has 20 – 40% better mechanical properties and puncture resistance compared with glass Fiber.

Basalt Fiber Properties
Thermal Properties

Basalt fiber is a unique fiber material that has been chosen for its outstanding properties, like it’s thermal stability properties. Basalt fiber products can withstand temperatures from -260 °C to 700 °C making it one of the most used materials today in industrial applications.Basalt fiber is a very strong material that withstands high temperatures. The fact that it reacts slowly to changes in temperature enables it to withstand extreme environments or prolonged temperatures until completion of the process.

Corrosion Resistance Properties

Basalt fiber has highly corrosion resistant properties in many environments, both inorganic and organic, Acidic or alkali media. These properties making it unaffected by most chemicals and will not support combustion.

Environmental Resistance Properties

The fibers of this material are so strong and tough that almost no other material can damage it. It is rot-proof and moisture resistant, plus it has antibacterial properties.

Basalt Fiber Properties
Dielectric Properties

Basalt fiber has good dielectric properties, which make it widely used in the production of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry, also, these properties make it ideal for use as an insulation material in electrical equipment and buildings insulation.

Environmentally friendly Properties

Basalt fiber is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not contain heavy metals, also, Basalt fiber can be recycled, helping to reduce waste going into landfills.

Human Safety Properties

Basalt fiber particles or fibrous fragments due to abrasion are too thick to be inhaled and deposited in the lungs, so it can’t harm human, but care in handling is recommended.

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