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Basalt Fiber for Concrete

Basalt Fiber for Concrete

Basalt fiber can be used in various concrete applications, including industrial floorings, roads, and all types of civil and infrastructure construction. Basalt fiber’s high-strength-to-weight ratio offers significant weight savings over traditional concrete applications.

Basalt Fiber for Concrete advantages

Basalt Fiber is an excellent way to reinforce concrete, because it has many features which make it superior on other fibers for that, for examples :

Basalt Fiber for Concrete
High tensile strength

Basalt fibers and their composites shows greater resistance to salt and water solutions as compared to other fibers composites. This is because of the nano-phase particles that are present in the basalt fibers.

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant basalt fiber reinforced concrete is an ideal material for the marine environment, especially for dock and pier construction. It enhances durability, reduces maintenance, and increases load bearing capacity compared with traditional steel reinforcement concrete. The reinforcing fibers prevent cracking, provide superior corrosion resistance in corrosive conditions, and minimize deformation.

Moisture resistant

It resists moisture and temperature extremes more effectively than steel, wood, or plastic reinforcements, so it can be used in concrete outdoor applications such as bridges, roads, boat decks and marine construction.

Chemical resistant

Basalt fiber concrete is chemically resistant, withstanding acids and alkalis. It doesn’t need to be specially treated or coated, so the cost of installation is lower than other reinforcing materials, also it’s compatible with nearly any admix included in concrete.

Frost and heat resistant

Basalt fiber’s temperature resistance allows it to retain its strength over a wide range of temperatures. This makes it useful in a variety of applications where frost could be a problem, also it can protect building in fire cases.

Basalt Fiber for Concrete

The average lifespan of steel concrete is 35 years, while that of it is over 100 years.

Environment friendly

It’s made from 100% Recycled Basalt from volcano rock which makes it completely free of chemicals, and as a comparison between Its production with steel concrete, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 5.24 tons of coal equivalent per ton.

As a conclusion, Basalt Fiber is useful for the concrete because it adds strength, durability, and reduces shrinkage. It is also a non-rusting alternative to steel rebar and don’t corrode over time. These benefits enhance the life of the concrete and increase the effectiveness of the overall construction in any project.

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