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Basalt Fiber Applications

Basalt Fiber Applications

Basalt fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers on earth. Not only does it have superior mechanical and chemical properties, but it is also biodegradable, making them ideal for many applications where rigid, lightweight, and high strength-to-weight ratios are required ، Basalt fibers can be used for a variety, including the following :

Basalt fiber application in civil structures

Basalt fibers are applicated in the construction field especially in civil structures, is because they have an extreme low heat transfer rate, which helps stop the spreading of a fire.

Basalt Fiber Applications
Basalt fiber application in bridges, tunnels, and railways sleepers

Basalt fibers have good in the construction of bridges, and railways sleepers, Its high tensile strength, and low thermal conductivity make them an ideal building material for this purpose.
Basalt fibers also have good in the construction of tunnels, especially those located near water due to their non-corrosive nature, high specific strength, high specific hardness, and low weight compared to steel.

Basalt fiber application in road construction

The use of basalt fiber-reinforced concrete in road construction has become increasingly popular, to improve road safety and provide a better riding experience.

Basalt Fiber Applications
Basalt fiber in hospitals and radiology centers buildings

Basalt fiber are electrically non-conductive and are not affected by electromagnetic fields, making them ideal for use in MRI centers.

Basalt fiber in building material

Basalt fiber is an excellent sound absorber, so it can be used as a material for doors, building, Interiors, and sound insulation for buildings.

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