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Mechanical properties of BFRP Rebar

Rebar made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer has less than 74%the carbon footprint of steel


Basalt Rebar is manufactured using innovative Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer composite technology.

In comparison with competitive reinforcements, basalt provides unmatched strength, superior mechanical properties, and enhanced performance.

Basalt Rebar is a sustainable, rust-proof alternative to steel reinforcement. It is only 25% of the weight of steel and has a Specific Tensile Strength that is 2.5 times greater!

Basalt has 20 – 40% better mechanical properties and puncture resistance than Fiberglass.

Basalt has +3 times the working temperature (+700°C vs. 200°C) of Glass FRPs.

Basalt Fiber

Basalt Fiber Rebar is the ideal choice for concrete enforcement. Especially in places where moisture is present such as seashore locations because Basalt is impervious to attacks from alkaline, chemicals or water, which causes Steel to corrode or rust.

BFRP Rebar offers excellent physical and mechanical properties, and it is also fire-proof and non-magnetic material.

Basalt rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy, which make it great for MRI or data buildings.

What could be better than BFRP Rebar? It is a non-rusting alternative to steel and more sustainable than steel.

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