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Arab Basalt Fiber Company Marks a Resounding Success at Big 5 Global 2023

Dubai, UAE – December 6, 2023, At the Big 5 Global 2023 exhibition in Dubai, held from December 4th to 7th, 2023, Arab Basalt Fiber Company notably solidified its status as a leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. This premier event, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center, served as a global stage for sharing expertise and unveiling the latest advancements in the industry, reinforcing the company’s mission to lead the construction sector towards a sustainable future.

His Excellency Engineer Mohammed Ahmed Al Shehhi, the esteemed Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to crafting sustainable and impactful innovations. These advancements are aimed at fostering a more eco-friendly future for the construction industry at large. Under his strategic guidance and robust leadership, Al Shehhi has been pivotal in steering the Arab Basalt Fiber Company towards developing innovative and value-added sustainable solutions, thereby significantly contributing to the advancement of the building and construction sector.

Meanwhile, the executive leadership of the Arab Basalt Fiber Company, along with its skilled team, played a pivotal role in representing the company at this global event. The highlight was their basalt fiber reinforcement rebars (BFRP), which garnered significant attention. This focus on BFRP facilitated engaging discussions and fostered the establishment of strategic partnerships, underscoring the company’s critical contribution to driving innovation in the construction sector.

The Arab Basalt Fiber Company’s, Big 5 Global 2023 booth stood out as a vibrant nexus for enthusiasts of innovation and technology at the exhibition. Brimming with energy and activity, the pavilion transformed into a dynamic center for the exchange of ideas and fostering collaboration. It drew a diverse array of visitors, ranging from industry experts to scientists and researchers, transcending its role as a mere product showcase to become a thriving hub for communication and partnership-building.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Big 5 Global 2023, Arab Basalt Fiber Company reaffirmed its dedication to developing increasingly sustainable innovations in the realm of building and construction. Its active participation in the Big 5 Global 2023 exhibition stood as a testament to the company’s commitment to developing and delivering advanced solutions that cater to the building and construction sector, aligning seamlessly with international sustainability standards.

Big 5 Global 2023

About Arab Basalt Fiber Company:

Established in 2020, Arab Basalt Fiber Company has quickly established itself as a leader in the research, development, and production of basalt fiber products. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions, the company continues to play a pivotal role in transforming the construction industry.

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