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Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber

Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber

Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber is one of the most common questions asked by the customers.The main difference between basalt fiber and glass fiber lies in the raw material that they use. Basalt fiber is made of mineral materials, high-quality basalt fibers, which are a non-toxic material, easy to process, environmentally friendly and recyclable. On the other hand, glass fiber is made of waste products from combination of sand and slag. Both materials have their pros and cons, but ultimately, scientists and engineers believe that basalt fiber will play a significant role in future in different type of application.Let’s talk in detail about the most important differences between Basalt Fiber and Glass Fiber :

Basalt Fiber Properties
Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber component

The composition of basalt fiber is less complex than glass fibers.Basalt fiber is a material recovered from basalt rock. Basalt fibers are produced in an industrial process involving crushing and grinding of the basalt rock, followed by physical processes such as flotation and screening to obtain the desired particle size.Glass fiber is a particular type of fiber made from sand, which typically consists of 50 percent silica in combination with oxides of boron, aluminum and/or several other minerals.

Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber strength

Basalt fiber is twice as strong as glass fiber, making it more resistant to breaking, and an ideal material for applications where high strength and stiffness are needed, so Basalt fiber is less likely to break with the same load.

Basalt Fiber Properties
Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber mechanical properties

Basalt fibers are stronger than glass fibers and do not corrode in either fresh or salt water. Also, they are naturally resistant to ultraviolet and high-energy electromagnetic radiation, maintain their properties in cold temperature, and provide better acid resistance.

Basalt Fiber vs Glass Fiber safety

Basalt fiber is superior of glass fiber in the realm of worker safety and air quality as well. Basalt is a naturally occurring mineral which results from volcanic activity. Not only does it have a hard surface, but it also does not emit any dangerous fumes into the air which makes it safer for workers to use.As a conclusion, Basalt Fiber have several advantages over glass fiber, which can last longer, are less prone to forming cracks, and weigh a lot less than glass fiber, making basalt fiber offer a better alternative in a different type of applications.

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