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Basalt Fiber Composite

Basalt Fiber Composite

Basalt fiber is produced from a Basalt rock, which is a product of volcanic activity and can be found in a huge amount on the Earth, these are superior as they possess excellent properties such as sound insulation, heat, and vibration and stability, high resistance to high temperature and possesses durability and strength.
This is a new type of material, which is made by blending basalt fiber with plastic. Basalt fiber Composite has excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as high strength, good ductility, low density and so on. The applications of that include but not limited to flooring and wall covering, industrial materials, shipbuilding, semi-conductor industry, etc.

Basalt Fiber Composite
Properties of basalt fibers Composite

Basalt fibers and their composites are a superior material in high temperatures and tough environments, and play an important role in that materials. The following are some of the key properties of that:

Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance

Basalt fibers and their composites shows greater resistance to salt and water solutions as compared to other fibers composites. This is because of the nano-phase particles that are present in the basalt fibers.

Thermal stability

Basalt fibers and their composites s have wider temperature range -200 to about 650/800°C, this is largely due to the mineral composition of it and the presence of many micropores within it, which makes basalt fibers and their  very effective in fire protection and thermal insulation in buildings.

Mechanical strength

This is characterized by high tensile strength, high fatigue resistance and good impact toughness compared with other fibers composites.

Basalt Fiber Composite
Applications of basalt fibers Composite

It can be used in multiple fields, including :

Basalt fibers Composite and construction

This is applications in building and construction is rapidly growing, for examples, civil structures, bridges, tunnels, railways sleepers and road construction, this is attributed for several advantages which basalt fiber can offer it, such as high strength, low density, and good chemical stability.

Basalt fiber Composite application in pipes and gas cylinders

This is used in Pipes and gas cylinders industry to decrease the weight of the material and thus it is suited for pipeline transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and other fluids.

3. Basalt fiber application in energy production

This are stronger than steel, lighter than glass fiber rebar and conduct heat better than copper. In the energy production sector, basalt fiber can be used to make wind turbine blades, solar panels, and even power grid infrastructure.

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