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Arab Basalt Fiber Company Conducts Symposium on ‘The Significance of Basalt Rebars and Fibers in Diverse Industrial and Construction Applications’

Fujairah, May 25, 2023 – In a significant event at the Royal M Hotel, Fujairah, Arab Basalt Fiber Company hosted a scientific symposium titled ‘The Significance of Basalt Rods and Fibers in Diverse Industrial and Construction Applications.’ This gathering brought together industry experts, construction sector professionals, and representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in the Emirates, as well as the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation.

The symposium commenced with an in-depth presentation on Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP), led by Mr. Taha Al Khawaldeh, General Manager of Arab Basalt Fiber Company. The session offered a comprehensive analysis of the unique properties and advantages of BFRP, highlighting its high strength, lightweight, and exceptional durability. The symposium focused on the engineering applications of BFRP in various industrial and construction sectors, emphasizing its role in fostering innovation and sustainability in construction practices. Additionally, the symposium provided a detailed comparison between BFRP and traditional construction materials, underscoring the significance of adopting these innovative materials in the construction industry.

During the symposium, Arab Basalt Fiber Company presented a research paper detailing the pivotal role of the company and the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation in harnessing natural resources within the emirate. The paper underscored the commitment of both entities to sustainable development and innovation in the field of natural resources. It also highlighted their contributions to the development of the mining sector and related industries in Fujairah, aligning with the United Arab Emirates’ vision and strategies to promote a green economy and environmental preservation.

The event was marked by interactive discussions, allowing attendees to engage directly with the speakers, ask questions, and gain comprehensive insights into the importance and future applications of BFRP in the construction sector. The collaborative and idea-sharing atmosphere of the symposium significantly enhanced the understanding of BFRP’s role in the industry.

Furthermore, the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation presented an insightful research paper focusing on the key mineral raw materials found in the emirate and the Foundation’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the mining sector and related industries.

For those interested in further information on BFRP, Arab Basalt Fiber Company invites you to explore their blog on the company website.