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The Non-rust property of BFRP Rebar

Rebar made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer has less than 74%the carbon footprint of steel


Rebar made of BFRP is 100% noncorrosive, water-resistant, and will not rust over time.

Despite that steel is being one of the most common and useful materials in the world, it always has one major flaw, it rusts and decreases the life cycle of the construction.

In marine environments and places where deicing salts must come into contact with concrete, are examples of situations where reinforcing steel bars may be subjected to corrosion.

The cost of repairing concrete infrastructure can reach billions of dollars a year due to steel rusting and steel reinforcement is no longer a viable option; effective solutions are now required.

Corrosion does not only cause economic damage but also threatens people’s health and lives. Collapsed bridges, tunnels, and buildings, destroyed transport infrastructure of ports, and airfields, damaged chemical or nuclear facilities often lead to casualties.

Basalt Fiber

If you are a decision maker and know that there is a non-rusting alternative to steel, you will definitely encourage its use.

Basalt fiber is increasingly considered a material of choice suitable to prevent corrosion due to its set of properties.

Rebar made of BFRP is 100% noncorrosive, water-resistant, and will not rust over time.

Basalt fiber is produced from a single component raw material, which is a product of volcanic activity and can be found in a huge amount on the Earth.

Arab Basalt Fiber Company

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