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Arab Basalt Fiber Company Showcases Innovative Solutions at Saudi Build 2022

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Taha Al Khawaldeh, General Manager of Arab Basalt Fiber Company and Arab Mining Company – Fujairah, the company marked its remarkable presence at Saudi Build 2022. This significant event, hosted at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, celebrated its 32nd edition with wide international representation from 43 countries, attracting a diverse global audience including industry leaders, engineers, and specialists in the construction sector.

At the heart of the exhibition, Mr. Al Khawaldeh demonstrated the Arab Basalt Fiber Company’s pioneering basalt fiber rebar (BFRP) project – a first in the Arab region and North Africa. This innovative endeavor, utilizing basalt and gabbro rocks from Fujairah, not only bolsters the economic and mining sectors in the region but also promotes sustainable growth and job creation.

Mr. Al Khawaldeh showcased the unique properties of basalt fiber rebars, highlighting them as the eco-friendly building material of the future. He emphasized their exceptional durability, resistance to environmental factors, and significantly reduced carbon footprint, making them a superior alternative to traditional rebar. Additionally, he introduced other basalt-derived products like basalt fabrics, suitable for military and civil armor applications, and basalt fiber mesh (GEO MESH) used in global airport and railway infrastructure.

The event also facilitated valuable exchanges with industry experts like Engineer Muhammad Hashem from King Khalid University’s Civil Engineering Department and Dr. Muhammad Taj al-Din. These specialists reinforced the advantages of basalt fiber bars over traditional rebar and discussed their broadening applications beyond construction, reflecting a global trend in material science innovation.

This year’s Saudi Build underscores the importance of pioneering technologies in construction, positioning the Arab Basalt Fiber Company at the forefront of the industry’s sustainable transformation.

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