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Arab Mining Company held its fourth Board of Directors meeting for the year 2021

fourth meeting for the year 2021

Arab Mining Company held its fourth Board of Directors meeting for the year 2021

The Board of Directors of Arab Mining Company held its fourth meeting for the year 2021 on 24/12/2021 in the city of Amman, headed by His Excellency the Chairman of the Board/ Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Shehhi and in the presence of the members of the Board of Directors, during which the topics on the agenda were discussed.

The topics covered included the following:

– The work progress of the facility building and the performance of the operations.
– The future of the company with regards to the reorganization of the organization, the consolidation of the company’s activities, and the improvement of the production performance.
-The general status of the company’s affairs and its future, including the future of the company’s relationship with the Ministry of Finance and the

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