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The production process of BFRP Rebar

Rebar made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer has less than 74%the carbon footprint of steel


How do we make BFRP Rebar? and What are the steps in the production process?

BFRP Rebar is manufactured from basalt fibers by pultrusion technology which is a continuous process from only raw basalt rock. First, the basalt rocks are crushed, washed, and loaded into a gas-heated furnaces at approximately 1400 degrees Celsius. The produced fibers then processed into straight and bend bars.The BFRP Rebar surface is profiled that results in a better adhesion in concrete.

Because no additional chemical components added to the production of BFRP Rebar, it’s considered a “greener product”. the production of BFRP Rebar is more environmentally friendly than the production of other types of rebar such as steel and fiber glass.

Basalt filaments are formed by platinum-rhodium bushings with applied a sizing agent during the cooling process before the fibers are spooled. Due to the inherent properties of basalt and the different chemistry from glass fibers, basalt fibers are more chemically resistant, have a higher tensile strength, and have a modulus of elasticity that exceeds the elasticity of E-glass fibers by about 15% to 30%.

The production process of BFRP rebar- Arab Basalt Fiber Company

Basalt fiber production is similar to glass fiber production in many ways, but it requires less energy. This aspect, together with the availability of raw material all over the world, justifies the lower cost of basalt fibers compared to glass fiber rebar and steel rebar.

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